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Dessert & Sweets:

Desserts are an excellent way to provide a variety of treats for your loved ones or even guests. Tasty Treat's desserts will make you fall in love with the brand all over again! At Tasty Treat, we believe in delivering our customers with the best quality baked goods. Tasty Treat outlets or websites are the places to look for Jar Cakes, Pastries, and a delicious treat that seals the deal. Whether you're looking for cakes or desserts, we've got you covered. For pastries, Tasty Treat has Black Forest Pastry, Chocolate Triangle Pastry, Vanilla Triangle Pastry, Red Velvet Heart Shape Pastry, Opera Pastry, Vanilla Pastry, Chocolate Pastry, Strawberry Swirl Pastry, Fudge Brownie Pastry. The price of all these yummy pastries starts from only 75 tk. Apart from pastries, Tasty Treat has the two most demanding brownies. One is Moist Chocolate Brownie and another one is Dark Chocolate Brownie. To satisfy the cravings for Jar Cakes, Tasty Treat has regular and mini Jar Cake options. Different types of Jar Cakes that Tasty Treat is currently offering are Rainbow Jar Cake, Black Forest Jar Cake, Ultimate Chocolate Jar Cake, Vanilla Butter Jar Cake. Regular size Jar Cake prices start from only 120 tk and mini jar cake prices start from only 70 tk! Tasty Treat’s dessert option doesn’t end here. Tasty Treat offers yummy donuts and cream rolls too! The price of the donuts and cream rolls is reasonable too. There are Chocolate Donut, Assorted Donuts, Sugar Cream Roll, and Chocolate Cream Roll available in all the outlets of Tasty Treat all over the country. The price of cream rolls starts from 30 tk and the price of donuts starts from 60 tk.

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