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Whether you're watching a big game or a horror film, alone or with friends, the snacks of Tasty Treat will surely make your time more enjoyable. Mexican Club Burger, Mexican Sub Sandwich, Mexican Shawarma, Sausage Delight Pizza, Chicken Naan, Spanish Pinwheel Pizza, and many more options will not only brighten up your mood but also will be easy for your wallet. The Mexican items of Tasty Treat have got very good feedback from the customers. In this category, Tasty Treat offers Mexican Club burgers, Mexican Mini Burgers, Mexican Shawarma, Mexican Sub Sandwich. The price of this category starts from only 80 tk. In Tasty Treat, people may find a variety of pizzas too. There are BBQ Chicken Pizza, Mini Pizza, Sausage Delight Pizza, and also Italian Slice Pizza. Tasty Treat also offers some unique snacks items. These are Roll Pizza, Chicken Wellington, Fry Roll, Cold Chicken Sandwich, Irani Roll, Pizza Bun, Creamy Chicken, and Mushroom Pie, Mini Chicken Masala Wrap, Cup Pizza, Chili Chicken Roll, and many more. Therefore, Tasty Treat can be the best option near us for making snacks time more special and delightful.