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Cookies & Biscuits

Tasty Treat offers delightful biscuits made by expert teams. We make cookies that we would eat ourselves. By maintaining all the hygiene factors, we bake them fresh each day to offer customers fresh cookies with the best taste at an affordable price. Tasty Treat has a wide range of jar cookies. Brittle Cookies, Salty Cookies, Chocolate Chips Cookies, Spicy Cookies, White Cookies are some of the best jar cookies within the budget of the people. The price range of 200gm cookies starts from 130 tk. There are also 2 types of packet cookies. Those are American Cookies and Butter Salt Cookies. The price range of these packet cookies starts from only 180 tk.  Tasty Treat is also popular for its Dry Cakes. Marble Dry Cake and Special Dry Cake are two of the most demanding dry cakes. The price for 300gm starts from 160 tk. 

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